Taste Of Blender 3D

Hello, I'm Syed Taha Hasan , your guide on this exciting journey. Just as a blank canvas is your starting point in art, a well-structured course is your foundation for learning. Join me in 'Taste Of Blender 3D' to acquire practical skills that will shape your creative future. Let's dive into Blender and watch your imagination come to life. Enhance your 3D skills today!

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Dive into the world of 3D design and animation through ‘Taste Of Blender 3D.’ This course introduces you to Blender, a versatile and free software used for 3D modeling, animation, and visual effects. Perfect for beginners, learn basics, explore tools, and create your own projects. Whether you’re an artist, designer, or just curious, ‘Taste Of Blender 3D’ unveils a whole new world of digital creativity.

Benefits of the course

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  • ● Hardware: Core i5 3rd generation with 8GB RAM (Minimum).
  • ● Operating System: Windows 10 or above, macOS 10.15 or above, Linux 2.28 or above.
  • ● Blender 3D software: Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through installation.
  • ● Internet: Decent WiFi or Ethernet connection.

Material Included

  • ● 1.5 hour live online classes on “Google Meet”.
  • ● 3 days a week ( Mon , Wed , Fri) for 1 month.
  • ● 5 presentations for theory.
  • ● Downloadable resources.
  • ● Verified E-certificates upon course completion.
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